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We've heard from a lot of Poo's over the last year. Here are all the ones that were nice enough to send us pictures, listed in the order they were received.

PooPals - Meet Baci's Jackapoo e-friends!

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Riley - Ohio
Riley is doing so well. He just loves everyone that comes around him. He doesn't know a stranger LOL. His hair is quite wild now. On his back it is about 3" long and very thick and coarse, dry really, not a smooth coat. It hangs down his spine and usually is standing up straight on his back. LOL. When I give him a bath my granddaughter says, "look, grandma, spiked hair!" He is a year old now (Sept. 25th).
- Bren

General Beauregard - West Bloomfield, MI
I have been following your website updates with interest! I too have a jackapoo named "General Beauregard". He is almost 6 months old and so far has been following the same pattern of development as your little one....only ours has been a demon for a while now. Let's see.....chewed up two phone cords, a rug, shoes, furniture and is determined to chew off the cat's ear. He will take things and run, like cell phones and wallets; and eats everything.....we have already racked up a small fortune in x-rays at the vets office. Initially, he slept with us, but once he learned how to jump off the bed, we had to stop......he got into everything. Fortunately we have two other larger breed dogs that seem to keep him in line in the outdoor run, so if the whether permits, we try to leave him there when we are not home. Otherwise, he stays in his condo, which has enough room for him to move around and play.
- Lisa

Grace - Portland, OR
Our 2.5 year old 12 lb. jack-a-poo, Grace, has changed our lives. She has a demon side also that diminishes with maturity. Grace does 30-40 tricks, has been to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, worked in three TV commercials and does shows and charity auctions all around the area. You have a lot to look forward to. The main question is always ............ what kind of dog is that? You have no doubt heard that many times already.
- Jeff & Gail

Jimmy - Muskego, WI
I am totally insane and have given Jimmy a "brother" to play with. He's not a Jackapoo, he's a Maltese, Henry. I cannot even image having two Jackapoos with all that energy! Henry will sit on your lap, Jimmy not so much. They get along great, but it's twice the work!! (See pic, Jimmy has lost that little poof of hair he had a couple months ago). I seen on your website you were thinking of getting a "sister" for Baci...any more thoughts of that?
- Amanda

Zack - Florida
Zack wishes Baci the happiest of first birthdays. Zack is only 15 weeks old, and he certainly fits the description of Baci on your webpage. More pictures of Zack can be seen at Peace to you,
- Bill and Zack


While Zack's puppy picture on your page is pretty cute, I thought that since he is now one year old, I would send you a new picture. We have started trimming his back and sides and leaving the legs and belly hair long. It is a kind of Schnauzer cut. Zack is the smartest (and most demanding) dog I have ever known. He likes to run at the off-leash dog park, if he can get others to chase him. A movie clip of this is at:
Bill and Zack

Lexy - Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada
I was checking out your website as we just purchased a Jackapoo female from the latest DoubleJ litter. I was so impressed with the service and all the extras that Janice provides her new puppy's owners! Anyway, here are a couple of pics of our "Lexy". She is such a ham!!!
- Sharon

Brandy - Richmond, VA
These are a few pictures of me and my boyfriends 4 month old Jack-a-poo Brandy! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
- Mary & Lizzie


Rudie - Chelmsford, MA
Hello! My name is Kim and attached is a pic of my jackapoo Rudie. She's just over a year now, she turned 1 on august 13th and of course we had a birthday party for her. When I was reading over your page there are many many similarities between our 2 dogs. She definitely has TONS of energy just like the jack and does not like to be alone, although she does very well in her crate. She has learned to treat it like her home and that is where she spends the day while we are all at work and we also have her sleep in there at night so that she knows whens shes in there to sleep.

Rudie also cannot have any toys which are easily destructible because they will not last more than a day and then she likes to eat the stuffing as well. I had originally found her online from a breeder in Kansas and she was flown in to mass where i live on a plane. I wish i could know what her brothers and sisters are like. She is only about 9.5 pounds. She is smaller than the vet though she would be. She can chase a ball for hours!
- Kim

Hello! Here is a picture of our 2 jackapoos. Rudie (who is already listed on your site) and her younger brother Leo. Leo was born in Feb 07 from the same parents.

Note: It turns out this Poo owner and another listed on this site have gotten together as their Poo's are from the same breeder!

Guinness - Arbroath, Scotland, UK
(Guinness is a Jackadoodle, as they're called over there!)
Hi here a few pictures of my Jackadoodle (as they are called here in scotland), his name is Guinness and he is 1yr and 5 months, we love logging on to your website to see how Baci is doing, We live in a town called Arbroath and there is lots of jackapoo's here, We have also found Guinness to be quite intelligent and loves to learn new tricks, his favourite thing is swimming, as we live by the sea he is down on the beach almost everyday, and if you try to walk past the beach he pulls his "i'm an abandoned puppy look" and my mum the mug falls for it. He also has a never ending supply of energy.
- Christine

Sami - Guelph, Ontario, Canada
I was just doing a google search on jackapoos and came across your website devoted to your dog Baci. I just had to send along some photos of our puppy Sami who is almost Baci's twin! Just thought this was interesting!
- Christy

Leo - United Kingdom
I brought a jackapoo puppy 2 weeks ago his name is Leo. I'm from the UK theres no info about jackapoos at all & all the breeders I contacted it was their first time breeding jackapoos. As you say in you're website he is so playful & I run out of energy before he does, but thankfully he also sleeps alot, lol. I'm having few problems paper training at the mo, did u have any with Baci?
- Kimberley

Rosa - Ames, Iowa
Last winter, we got Rosa from the Animal Rescue League in Des Moines. We got her when she was about a year old, and she is a total lap dog. She weighs in at 8.5 pounds, and we could not love her any more! After being stumped as to what kind of dog she is, I stumbled across your website. She looks just like your dog - especially the picture with the Santa hat! Her hair gets really long and grows in gray, although it is black when she has a fresh haircut. She has white hair on her chin and brown on her paws.
- Nicole

Maggie & Cassie - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
We currently have a 5 year old Jackapoo named Maggie. She is such an awesome dog that we decided to get another one. Her name is Cassie and we're... not getting until she's old enough (Feb 8). When we got Maggie, she was already a year old. She still needing training, but I think we forgot how much work puppies can be. If you have any tips from experience, that would be awesome.
- Crystal, Maggie and Cassie


Just thought we'd send you some updated photos of Maggie and Cassie. Things are going great for 'the ladies'. They make an awesome tag team and get along so much better than we could have hoped for. Even though Cassie is still a pup, she is so much smarter than she lets on (she even rings a bell when she wants to go outside). And she has her special extra cute look when she is in one of her mischievous moods. Maggie has taught her how to fetch and chase any small animals that venture into the yard. Mags also helps us keep Cassie's energy under wraps by constantly play tag and tug-of-war, because they definitely wear us out long before they get tired.
Crystal, Maggie, and Cassie

Abby - Ithaca, NY
We have a jackapoo who is almost 1 year old (1/30/07). She is very smart, cute, cuddly and just a little mischievous! I have attached pictures when she was only about 6 months old and more recently with her new toy. I am looking for a male jackapoo to breed her with since so many people want one of her puppies (we would then have her spayed). Your Baci is so cute and talented. Abby also rolls over, shakes paws, catches and fetches. We are currently working on playing dead - she's almost got it. I loved Baci's moonwalk; we're gonna have to try that. Thanks for the web site I love it.
- Pat

Molly - Scotland, UK
I came across your Baci site and I too have a jackadoodle! I thought I would sent you a pics as they are quite different looking - Molly is more of a fluff ball!! (She also sleeps in our bed, shhh!)

I am actually from Scotland and have been taking her to training class - she cleaned up at the last charity dog show!!! But, I was wondering how you taught Baci the moonwalk as it is something I would like to try with Molly?
- Fiona

Molly - UK
Hi I have just bought a 7 week old Jackapoo and called her Molly, I have been searching for ages, they are hard to come by in the UK, I think she is adorable and so does everyone who has met her up to now.

I noticed another Molly from Scotland and I think my Molly could look very much like her once she has grown a bit. I have attached a photo but I think it is hard to get a clear picture of her being black, she does have some flashes of white on her chest and back paws but they are hard to see at the moment

Love the website and have been following Baci for a while now I think it is great. Anyway see attached photos as promised.
- Janette


Hi Baci

Just thought I would email a new photo of Molly from Darwen UK the last photo I sent she was a bundle of fluff at 7 weeks old. Molly is almost 6 months old now and has grown to 10" tall weighing 8lbs the VET thinks she is full grown.

Molly love running through Sunnyhurst Woods which is just on our doorstep so we are very lucky, she knows how to sit, stay, lie down and roll over, she will fetch things back to us but not too keen on letting go till she is ready.

For the summer holidays Molly will be with me in my office, she is loving all the attention she is tethered some of the day on a long leash but whenever possible we let her run round, creating havoc sometimes but otherwise she is really good.

The photo I have sent shows her after a hard days work chasing her Kong round and retreating under my desk just sticking her head out to make sure she misses nothing.

Hope Baci and all are well, keep the updates coming we check weekly to see what is new Oh and by the way the Larz Leash we bought from WEE BEASTIES on line is brill.


Karl - Cloverdale, BC, Canada
Karl is a Jack-a-poo that was born November 6th and he resides with us in Cloverdale, BC, Canada. We just got him last Sunday, so housebreaking will be a chore for a while. He has been kenneled and has no clue and if course here on the raincoast of BC it raining like crazy. I wish I could say raining cats and dogs because that would get him out, he loves animals and people. But he does not like a wet coat or feet. The raincoat helps but his feet are still getting wet. So housebreaking may take some time until the rain stops anyway.

He has the poodle coat and so far some poodle disposition, in that he is not obstinate but rather quick to respond to what he understands to be wanted. Namely peace and quiet while crated for an 8 hour night!! He is great that way.

He so far loves everyone and anyone, is very smart and happy as a clam. Our older girl, Molly, Dalmatian/pointer cross, turning 13 is falling in love with him and it is so cute to see her act like a pup with him.

I intend on getting into Fun agility when he is old enough as he already gets going around obstacles while on leash, he figured that out the first day, it rather impressed me. At 9 pounds he is a good jumper too, I will not encourage that until his legs mature however.

I am enjoying your site and some of the Jack-a-poo‚s on there look just like Karl, Grace in particular.
- Judy

Tucker - CT
Hi my name is Tucker and I'm a year old Jackapoo from CT.

I love to run and play....I'm such a good boy!
- Alison

Snickers - Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
I have to say I love reading your website and seeing how Baci is doing and the similarities between Baci and Snickers. We got Snickers when she was 3 months old and she just turned a year on Feb. 9/07. Se weighs 10 pounds and she is our baby. I also have a cat and a ferret and Snickers just can't give them enough kisses. She just loves everybody and everything.

She might be considered a little spoiled in our house because she is the only dog we have, and yes, she has to sleep right in between my husband and I every night. Anyways, I just thought I would send in a picture of Snickers too as she does look allot like Baci but maybe a little smaller. She used to be very black besides her white chest and paws, but as she is getting older she has gotten allot more grey. Thanks for the wonderful site.
- Danielle

Pecan - Tulsa, OK
I was looking on the internet for "jackapoo" information as I've just recently adopted one from a rescue group when I came across your website. It's great!

There's not much info out on them being a cross breed and not as prolific as the labradoodles and cockapoos so it was lovely to read all about yours.

Your dog Baci is absolutely adorable and very clever it seems! Pecan is my jackapoo and he's 2 years old. He is the best little dog ever. We have 3 dogs (a samoyed/white german shepherd mix and a collie/lab) and Pecan puts them to shame with his good behaviour. He's not a chewer which I love, rides great in the car, loves just about everyone he meets! I've included some pictures.

He picked up tricks very quickly and can sit, stay, lay down, put his head down when in a lay down, roll over, paw, stand on his back legs, spin in a circle, wave and bark. Lol my husband in jealous as he can't get our Samoyed to do much of anything except chew stuff up!

Pecan keeps getting a lot of "is he schnauzer?" (for which I have to tell them schnauzers don't really come in chocolate brown....) comments and no one believes me when I tell them jackapoo. They think because he's not totally curly all over he's not. I tell them to see him when he's just been bathed! I'm lucky as he's not a shedder (the splendid poodle part!) but has all the lovely playfulness of jacks.

I think everyone should have a jackapoo they are great little dogs.

Anyway I just wanted to commend you on your super website! Keep up the good work!
- Claire

Billy - Taunton, Somerset, UK.
Robert and Irene

I came across your Baci site recently and was absolutely delighted! I'm from the south of the UK and there are very few Jackapoos here, and I havn't been able to find much information on the Internet either.

I own a Jackapoo dog who looks like Baci's twin! His name is Billy and he's about 18 months now. His markings are almost identical to Baci's and he, too, is full of energy and personality. The only noticable difference is that Billy has long, tufty hair all along his back, and a funny little quif on the top of his head! Recently, much to my partner's horror, I took to him with a pair of scissors to try and trim down his wild look but he still looks incredible tufty! A real live wire, I get members of the public stopping me in the street and fussing over him, and he's a celebrity down at our local pub! My partner and I love taking him for long walks, especially around the Lake District, and he'll often do ten miles or more quite happily.

I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for any Jackapoo puppies, but I haven't been able to locate any breeders around here which is a real shame as I'd love to get Billy a partner in crime - he really loves other dogs. Billy himself was actually an accident! My father-in-law owns numerous dogs, including three Jack Russells and a male Toy Poodle, and the litter wasn't planned at all. Billy has two sisters, but they're a lot smaller than him, and less energetic!

I've attached a photo of my own darling Jackapoo, and hope he can find a place amoungst Baci's other E-friends!

Give Baci a pet from me (a kiss may be a bad idea - I know how much Jackapoos love to lick face!) and I hope the two of you are very well! Keep up the good work with the site - it's fabulous!
- Rosie

Milo - Melbourne, Australia
What a great website! It's great to see other jackapoo's. Our jackapoo is called Milo and he's 5 years old now. Absolutely a pocket rocket. Very intelligent and has us under his paw! He is ball mad, but not your average normal type of tennis ball, it has be de-fluffed. As a puppy he used to tear off the fluff himself, but now he has two servants. Not only does it have to be de-fluffed but its got to be green rubber... not brown, white, grey but green. And he knows the difference, hence we have buckets full of the other colours.
- Debra

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